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Posted by Tyler Gates, ANGL National Sales

Before I began my career in the motor coach industry in 2014, I knew what motor coaches were, frequently referring to them as “grey hound” buses. I understood they transported many people at one time such as a train or commuting shuttle. I did not, however, understand how involved motor coach service was in so many various industries. The experience I have gained since beginning this rolling journey has shown me how diversely important motor coaches are. 

Are you a sports fan? Have you ever been to a professional or collegiate game? If the answer is yes, you would be surprised to know how important motor coaches are behind the scenes. Motorcoaches transport teams from their own locker rooms to chartered airplanes, then from those chartered airplanes to the opposing team’s stadium, and then back once the contest has concluded. The professionalism, timeliness, and seamlessness that’s required from drivers and the motorcoaches is imperative to allow the team’s focus when traveling. 

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Posted by Amanda Medinger, ANGL National Sales

Change seems to be inevitable today.  Our world is in a constant state of change and adjusting.  At ANGL we are consistently working to meet the needs of our clients through all of their potential changes.  So, how do you make it work successfully when you don’t know when your event is taking place; if it is taking place; if it could get canceled; if the dates or times are changed; or the itinerary gets rearranged to meet special requirements?

Acknowledging these facts upfront is the first step.  We want to know from the very beginning that the dates are tentative or that the event will only be held if the attendance meets certain requirements.  Most vendors are very willing to adjust as needed especially when they know in advance.  They will be able to fully explain what the contract and cancellation requirements are as well as any special arrangements that could be made, but only if they know far enough in advance of your specific situation.

Secondly, communication is key! The more information you can provide upfront and the more honest you can be, the better the relationship will be.  As soon as you know new information regarding your event or your itinerary, share it with us.   

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Posted by Amanda Medinger, ANGL National Sales

Where do you fall on the technology spectrum?  Do you love it and can’t live without it?  People on that end average 5,400 touches on their phone a day (according to a study by research firm Dscout  Do you fall on the opposite end, hating and trying to avoid it?  Those who are closer to this side enjoy reading things printed on paper and don’t care about the unread emails in their inbox.  I think I’m somewhere in the middle.  I love technology when it is simple and makes my life easier, but sometimes I just don’t get it.

I use my iPhone for email and social media, but I still enjoy opening up a good, old fashioned, printed book with a cup of coffee!  I use Google Maps when I travel to a new location and enjoy watching the occasional fainting goat video on YouTube while I am waiting for an oil change.  But all in all, I hadn’t ever paid too much attention to places that have WiFi or not, what info I could gain from scanning a QR code or downloading an app to find out what kind of bug I just killed in my basement.  



Posted by Tyler Gates, ANGL National Sales

Taking a trip, whether personal or for business, is something I have always loved. Traveling allows us to explore, discover, or get things accomplished. It gets us out of our comfort zone and gives us the opportunity to visit with people and see things we normally would not get the chance to see. 


When returning from a trip, it is nice to share the sites you saw with those who stayed home. However, my favorite parts of traveling are the interactions with the people you meet. Listening to one’s story or perspective is most memorable to me almost every time. The relationships you build and the connections you make can blossom your outlook on life more than one would ever think.

Traveling is more than just a trip. It is experiences turned to memories. That is why ANGL prides itself on insuring the memories you make while traveling are not ones related to inconvenient or frustrating transportation. Utilizing our knowledge, resources, and industry experience allows us to provide you with ground transportation that enhances those memories.



Posted by Chuck Gunnels, ANGL National Sales

Whether you are responsible for 30 meetings in 30 cities this year, whether you need transportation for 20 road trip games this year, or whether your daughter is getting married in a faraway city and you need to organize transportation for your friends coming to the wedding, ANGL will work with you to find the correct solutions and give you peace of mind.


We listen to you, establish your priorities, as well as your biggest worries and concerns.  With our experience, we will determine your best option,the best value, and save you the anxiety that might come with making those decisions on your own.  


You want to feel confident.  You want to feel efficient.  You want to be the hero at the end of a successful trip or event.  We are here to get you ready to wear that Superman cape!


Our ANGL team is ready and willing to serve you today.

Posted by Tyler Gates, ANGL National Sales | Business Development Manager

I sometimes find that people are confused or intimidated when wanting to get a quote for their ground transportation because they’re unsure of what they need to provide.  


We can work with anything and will request more information when necessary but I thought it might be helpful to list the basics that are needed to provide a solid quote. Here they are:

  1. Dates of service – when do you need transportation?

  2. Locations – where will we be picking up, departing for and returning to?

  3. Times – this would be either flight info (arrival/departure flight times) or the approx times you will depart from your location and get back.

  4. Rough idea of service – once you arrive at your destination will you need local service or will you be dropped and not need transportation until your return date?


Posted by Tyler Gates, ANGL National Sales | Business Development Manager

Here is something everyone likes to talk about, money. Okay, so its not everyone's favorite topic, but we understand that money is a factor when reserving transportation. 


However, it is important to understand that although saving a few dollars is great, a cheaper cost can reflect the quality of service provided. ANGL pushes to provide our clients with the best solution possible.


The best solution consists of many variables including the appropriate equipment, safety, comfort, and reliability of the driver and vehicle.


Our mission involves finding you not the lowest rate, but the best solution. We connect our clients with vendors that we work with on a daily basis, who understand the meaning of true customer service, safety, and reliability. Anyone can call 15 companies to see who has the lowest price.


Be sure to look beyond the price of a charter and think about what is behind the pricing.  

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Posted by Tyler Gates,  ANGL National Sales

So far, throughout my time in the motor coach industry, my co-workers, colleagues, and I have been allowed and privileged to experience what I like to call Adventures. I would never have been able to experience these adventures as I did, if I was not involved in the motor coach industry. 

It goes without saying that I have been brought joy, and in some cases shock and awe, from being able to experience some of these events. However, being a part of something, helping assist in the planning or seeing an event through, to bring joy and memories to those being celebrated or showcased, is the greatest part of being in the motor coach industry. 

Every adventure has been different, however collectively they all have proven to show the magnitude and importance of listening, acknowledging, and delivering an experience exactly, or as close to, how a client envisions it. With adventure comes knowledge. That knowledge is gained through investigative logistics planning, being on the ground, and seeing service through.

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Posted by Amanda Medinger, ANGL National Sales

There is a reason why airlines limit suitcases to 50 pounds.  And you all have that friend who travels with one bag designated only for shoes.  The size of the vehicle you need to get for your group can have much more to do with the amount of storage space you need than it does with the number of passengers you are traveling with! 

Most, but not all large vehicles have overhead storage space inside the vehicle.  However, different size buses come with different amounts of storage space.  While the full-size motorcoaches have large amounts of undercarriage bays for luggage, many of the mid-size vehicles that seat around 40 passengers are significantly smaller underneath the bus.  You lose at least one if not two full-size bays that are used to carry luggage or other equipment that your group might be traveling with.  Some minibusses and vans only have a rear storage compartment where the luggage is stacked vertically on top of each other.   So if you have 14 people traveling in a group and reserve a 14 passenger van, your group could end up holding something on their laps.  

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Posted by Amanda Medinger, ANGL National Sales

Have you ever been surprised by extra costs on a vacation or business trip?  Me too!  You create a budget, plan ahead, and something pops up that you weren't planning on having to pay for.  Sometimes, in my haste to get a task checked off of my to-do list, I forget to prepare for additional expenses, resulting in frustration.

As the person in charge, it is your responsibility to stay within your company or group's budget.  We all know the feeling of explaining to your boss that a project has come in over budget.  This issue occurs if you are unfamiliar with all aspects that go into pricing ground transportation.  Without this knowledge, you may easily be over budget once it is all said and done.  If you are splitting the cost of the charter between the group on-board, you don't want to have to ask each person for more money or get stuck covering the extra costs on your own.  

Here are three areas to keep in mind when booking ground transportation that can help you set your budget correctly ahead of time and stay within that budget during your trip. 


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Posted by Tyler Gates, ANGL National Sales

Securing Motorcoach, Mini Bus, or Black Car Service can become taxing at times.  Before our clients came to ANGL, many of them had been through the ringer with transportation providers. To name a couple examples, some clients previously experienced being left with their bags outside of baggage claim after landing in their destination city. Other clients had previously experienced drivers who were not willing to accommodate a last minute change to an itinerary.  Lastly, some clients felt their previous provider discontinued attention and appreciation that was promised.


These unfortunate experiences led them on a Trial & Error marathon, rolling the dice with new providers, hoping they would get great service, and worrying about being provided terrible service. Securing ground transportation should not be a gamble. Travelers focus should be on where they are traveling to, not how they are getting there.


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Posted by Chuck Gunnels, ANGL National Sales

Given the travel challenges of the current times, it is more important than ever to work with a company who looks out for you wherever your game, conference, tour, wedding, or company meetings may take you.  The staff at Arrow Nationwide Ground Logistics goes the extra mile to assure you the best solution and the best value. 


We have affiliates across the country who practice and provide safety, comfort, and assurance of strict cleaning and disinfecting mandates of the motorcoaches and minibuses we provide for your transportation requirements.  And as always, it is our goal to listen to you, and provide you with your priorities in mind for the service you need. 


There is no longer a need for you to worry and stress about the transportation service you will receive when you work with ANGL.  We will help you focus on the most important aspects of your job, and make you the hero!   


Posted by Tyler Gates, ANGL National Sales | Business Development Manager

Arrow Nationwide Ground Logistics, ANGL, the charter bus transportation logistic consulting company, has been making some small adjustments to its website over the the past month. ANGL is a team of a charter bus and transportation consultants with over 30 years of collective industry experience, dedicated to deliver simple, trusted logistics solutions across the nation.

ANGL is closely tied with Arrow Stage Lines, a company recognized for providing superior motorcoach charter bus transportation for since 1928. ANGL, announced 2014, is different than most solutions because the charter bus service solution provider is rooted inside the industry. This allows experienced ANGL consultants the opportunity to leverage the same industry affiliations and relationships as Arrow Stage Lines.

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Posted by Chuck Gunnels, ANGL National Sales

In these uncertain times, we all want and need certain answers and certain solutions. And we want to know how this story might end.   When it comes to ground transportation, whether the need is a full-size motorcoach, a midcoach or minibus, or even Sprinters and SUV’s, Arrow Nationwide Ground Logistics will provide you with the assurance and value you are looking for in ground transportation travel.  Whether it is for a team, a corporate group, a tour group or a school, we will find the best solution and customer care anywhere you may need it:  Nationwide.

As travel opportunities open again, our focus is not only on the superior service we have always provided to our clients, we also focus on the safest solutions during these challenging times.  Travel is meant to be enjoyed, to provide good memories, and to experience new and exciting destinations.  We are here to help you create those good memories with solid and safe solutions you will value.


Let us know the story of your trip before it happens, and we will help you publish that story into a smashing bestseller!  Call us or email us.  Amanda, Tyler, and Chuck are ready to help wherever your story takes you!