Chicago Bus Rental


What if a tour manager, band manager, or booking agent could make one phone call, and know that the best-fit entertainer charter bus solution would be ready and waiting for the group upon arrival? Almost like a dream come true. ANGL makes that a reality. ANGL consultants work with Arrow Entertainer, so they understand the entertainment transportation world. Not only can the ANGL team find the best solution, but they have relationships with highly specialized companies across the nation. 


One call and our team will handle all the details for you, and all the logistics from the start of the tour until the last day. One point of contact makes the process easy. 


Tailored for the entertainment industry. Built for Efficiency. The ANGL team works with touring production and entertainment clients everyday. Our team is avaiable 24/7 to ensure you are moving toward you desitnation. When you pull ANGL on your team, you have a recognized, name brand, resource at all times. Our team works individually with each chosen vendor to ensure every detail of you tour is covered. Additionally, no one likes to talk about a breakdown, but in the event this does occur, our team can act quickly to avoid any schedule interuptions.


All of the work is operating in the background, so you can focuse on media apperances, the band, the upcoming performance, and keep up with you busy tour schedule. 


Our team understands the value of strong customer service, reliability and safety. The ANGL team works to ensure your charter bus needs are covered in times of crisis. Schedule a consultation with a team member today, or give us a call.